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BUNNY scarf gray

  • Vendor code : ASHR_31
  • Brand :
  • Production : Russia
    • 12*125 cm
    • -
    • 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic
    • -
    Product Certified Product Certified
    Own production in Russia Own production in Russia
    Packaging Packaging

    A knitted scarf Bunny is a cute companion for baby's walks. It has an unusual design and is equally liked by both boys and girls. With a Bunny scarf, all the preparations to go for a walk are fun and fast.
    - merino wool in a scarf guarantees reliable protection from the cold, even during long walks;
    -Bunny’s tail is firmly sewn and easily attached, which allows you to engage in active games on the street without being distracted;
    - you can close baby’s cheeks and nose with a scarf - the item does not cause irritation on delicate skin;
    - the product is easy to care of, and its colour and original appearance will be preserved even after frequent washings.
    The funny scarf with a bunny will allow a child to frolic outside and enthusiastically explore the world.


    • Use machine wash, in delicate mode or wool mode. Temperature is not higher than 30°С.
    • Ironing and whitening are prohibited. Steam treatment is possible with extra care.
    • Timely washing will help avoid coils.
    • When machine drying, use the delicate mode at low temperatures.
    • Use instant or special wool detergents.
    • It is recommended to dry the product on a flat surface.


    • Wash at a water temperature of 30-40 ° C in a delicate mode, with a minimum spin speed or its full absence.
    • It is recommended to dry the product on a flat surface.
    • Use special washing gels to soften products and extend their life.
    • Attention: it is better not to use automatic drying for cotton items. High temperature can "plant" product and make it smaller by several sizes.

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    A design card that we can sign for you if you give a gift.

    All the necessary care reminders to help extend the life of the product.


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