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APERO knit manufactory is a Siberian brand known for its knitted blankets.

The name of the company APERO came from the name of the creative director of the company, Anna Perot, who continued the family business, bringing together close-minded people, each           of which professional in their field.

Anna worked on interior design and once dreamed of combining the profession and family knitting, bringing together her native Siberia and Paris, which had long become a second home.
After a while, another Anna Boldakova joined her, a friend           from the first school bench and an architect by education. So the family business grew into the APERO that you know today.


Attention to detail, the ability to enjoy life and to create beauty and comfort are the company's philosophy.
It is inextricably linked with people and the heat
which they are capable of creating. With our plaid
you will be as comfortable as in the company of close friends!



We know that comfort and coziness are created thanks to the details, and one blanket, casually hung on a sofa or delicately covering the bed, can radically change the whole interior, making it lively, stylish and modern. We love what we do, devoting all his time to creating plaids.


Now APERO is a whole team of specialists working on a project every day, as well as many people who contribute their vision to the brand philosophy: photographers, cameramen, designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and technologists.
As you probably More than once we read on our social networks, part of the team is constantly in Paris, so APERO has its own unique charm inherent in French culture: sophistication, the pursuit of comfort and close attention to detail.
The name APERO is not only an abbreviation on behalf of the ideological inspirer of the company. French has the concept of "apéro"- one of the symbols of" Art de vivre "- the French ability to live beautifully, savor every pleasant moment, appreciate details, enjoy communicating with friends and taste life.


Our rugs fit in our own manufactory in Siberia. We ourselves choose materials, work out technologies and constantly improve everything we deal with. Our main value is the quality and detailed study of each element. Many years of experience in our production allows us to make a choice in favor of the best materials, products of which can cover not only an adult, but also a baby.