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Baby set Honey gray

  • Production : Russia
    • 0-3 months
    • 3-6 months
    • -
    • 100 % cotton
    • -
    Product Certified Product Certified
    Own production in Russia Own production in Russia
    Packaging Packaging

    ❗️Pre-order sale is open. Production time up to 2 weeks.

    Knitted Honey set with a warm overalls and a hat is an ideal option for a cool autumn discharge of your baby.

    - All products of the kit are safe for sensitive baby skin and are suitable for use from the first days of life;

    - natural knitwear allows air to pass through well, and absorbs excess moisture, thanks to which the child will not freeze or sweat;

    - the jumpsuit fits softly to the body, stretches well, but does not stretch and does not hinder movement;

    - on the side of the jumpsuit, buttons are hidden behind a decorative knit to easily dress and undress the baby;

    - a charming hat with openwork elements gently sits on the child's head and perfectly complements the image;

    - booties with strings as a gift!

    - all products are made of cotton, easy to care for. Professional washing and drying, which all our products undergo, will extend the service life;

    - the shape, material and color of the knitted set soothes and evokes only positive emotions for both the baby and the mother.

    The Honey set will become a symbol of a cozy and touching childhood for your baby.


    • Use machine wash, in delicate mode or wool mode. Temperature is not higher than 30°С.
    • Ironing and whitening are prohibited. Steam treatment is possible with extra care.
    • Timely washing will help avoid coils.
    • When machine drying, use the delicate mode at low temperatures.
    • Use instant or special wool detergents.
    • It is recommended to dry the product on a flat surface.


    • Wash at a water temperature of 30-40 ° C in a delicate mode, with a minimum spin speed or its full absence.
    • It is recommended to dry the product on a flat surface.
    • Use special washing gels to soften products and extend their life.
    • Attention: it is better not to use automatic drying for cotton items. High temperature can "plant" product and make it smaller by several sizes.

    Thoroughly thought-out packaging of products.

    An individual approach to the formation of the dispatch of each order.

    An eco-friendly shopper bag in which it is pleasant to receive a product and which will simplify your daily life: ready-made gift wrapping, bag for grocery shopping, storage case, bag for necessary children's attributes on a walk.

    A design card that we can sign for you if you give a gift.

    All the necessary care reminders to help extend the life of the product.


    We deliver our goods worldwide and offer several delivery options.

    Your order is completed within 2-14 days from the date of payment.

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    We work on 100% prepayment.

    You can place an order by writing to us directly. In this case, the following payment methods are available to you:

    • Transfer to Sberbank/Tinkoff Bank card
    • Bank transfer

    Or place an order directly in our online store using any of the proposed payment options.

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