How to use promo code?

Frequently APERO shop makes marketing campaigns with promo codes. Usually you receive it by e-mail or you can get it for taking part in competitions as well as being a regular customer. The terms and percentage of the discount (or the amount of the discount) is indicated in the promotion details. Promo code is a special code, which you have to write down into line “PROMO CODE” in a shopping cart. The cost of the order will be automatically recalculated with discount.

Promo code can be used during its validity and does NOT have limit for orders.

Promo code does NOT sum up with the other promo codes or special stock.

How to use promo code?
  1. Copy or memorize the promo code from the mailing list or banner, add the goods to the shopping cart and proceed to ordering.
  2. Enter the promocode in the line on the right. Click OK.
  3. Pay attention to the change in the total amount of the order. Promo code will recalculate the discount immediately. To complete the order, click the "Buy" button.
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