Pillow BEAR terracotta

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A knitted pillow with a kind teddy bear will complement the interior of the children's room. Such a finishing touch will fill the space with cosiness. Assemble a set of pillows and blankets with a teddy bear or use the BEAR pillow as a standalone decor.

The pillow cover is made of 100% cotton. The fabric is hypoallergenic and safe for children from birth. Knitted knitwear is soft and makes you feel good. Thanks to the decorative elements, playing with a pillow will bring fun and benefit. Details develop the baby's fine motor skills.

A removable cushion cover allows you to regularly care for the product. Cotton fabric is durable and even multiple washings will not spoil the original appearance. Before shipment, the product undergoes professional washing and drying, which extends the service life.

The child will be happy to make friends with a charming bear. A cute character will give the child positive emotions. Pillow Teddy bear with the baby listens to a fairy tale and will protect children's dreams.

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  • Hand wash recommended. Recommended water temperature 30°C MAX

    Gentle or wool circle. 30°С MAX.

    Do not use chlorine bleach

    Use a mild soap or a human hair shampoo.

    Lay flat to dry in the shade. Reshape the blanket into its original dimensions. Do not stretch it.

    Do not tumble dry

    Do not use iron

    Can use a gentle steamer

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