APERO knit manufactory — is a Siberian brand, well known in Russia for its knitted home accessories.

The name "APERO" comes from the name of its founder and creative director Anna Perreau, who continued the family business and brought together a team of like-minded and talented people. Anna had studied interior design in France and dreamed to combine her profession and a family affair of knitting manufactory, in order to pull together her siberian origins and Paris, which is her second home. In the meantime, another Anna joined APERO. She is a longtime friend and an architect.

Together they developed the company, that you know today!


The attention to details, the art of enjoying life
and creating beauty and comfort
is the philosophy of our company.
It is directly linked with the people
and the warmth that they are capable to create.
Let our blankets offer you the same
warmth and comfort as you could share
with your close friends!



We know that comfort and a cosiness are made of details. A rug hung casually on the sofa or delicately covering the bed, can drastically change the entire interior, making your life more stylish and cozy. We have devoted our time creating rugs, in which we have put all our love and warmth.


Currently, APERO is a young team of devoted specialists working on this project every day, and many contributors, who share the same vision and the philosophy of the brand: photographers, designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and technicians. A part of the team is based in Paris, in order to maintain APERO’s own unique charm, which is the characteristic of French culture: refinement, pursuit of comfort and attention to details. By the way, the name APERO is not just an abbreviation of the name of the founder of the company. In French the «apéro» is a concept, the «Art de vivre», which is the symbol of French way of life. Such as cherishing every moment, paying attention to every detail, enjoying sharing moments with beloved ones.


Our blankets are knitted in our manufactory in Siberia. We carefully choose the yarns, that we use, we are continually working to improve the quality of our product. We know which yarn is warmer, which one is lighter. We have the experience t o know how to make it more resistant or convenient for a baby.

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