Brands with Unicorn hero


The best brands with the unicorn

Today we have prepared a selection of brands that will delight kids. To give happiness to kids is a real pleasure, because they are happy sincerely, brightly, emotionally! Today, our attention is focused on the character, whose popularity is exactly at its peak. Unicorn confidently walks around, winning the love of children and appearing here and there – in the dishes, clothes, decor, jewelry, toys… We share the sympathy for this good fairy-tale character and are ready to recommend you the best accessories with a unicorn, created for children.


We’ll start with the guys who created a really unusual soft animals for the design of the children’s room. Unicorn is easy to decorate the wall above the crib, and will be the Keeper of the kindest and most fabulous dreams.

Wooden lamps, which a wonderful hostess of the brand Maria makes with her own hand, are the most popular in instagram. Here everything is perfect-quality and accuracy, design and branded power button that makes the light bulbs burn like magic. The unicorn is very special, like a real one-such an elegant and elegant will be a bright accent in any children’s room!


Brand Feber

Feber brand was born in Spain, the company’s mission is to support children in their quest to actively explore the world. They will help to become the owner of the real unicorn – it is possible to ride, take care of him; and he sings songs and looks like he came straight from the fairy forest. Fans will definitely appreciate it!




Another unicorn for wall decoration, but this time, made of paper, in a trendy Papercraft technique. From this it seems even more magical, because it looks very unusual and stylish. But still it is a unicorn, the real, and hence the fulfillment of secret desires with such decoration-also quite real!


Most often it is the little things that create the most unique picture of comfort. And still such things created to place accents, often become objects of special love of kids. Create an atmosphere of a fairy tale in your child’s room, and a poster on the wall and a pillow with your favorite unicorn will help to complete the picture. We know for sure is that you need little fans of the unicorn!


The Chinese company WowWee is keeping pace with modern technology and presents to the market toys line Fingerlings – interactive funny animals that are able to cling to the toes and hang on the tail. All members of the Fingerlings family react to movement, voice, touch and perform more than 40 different actions and sounds. Including the baby-unicorn, which will be a great friend for older kids.


APERO company creates things with Siberian warmth and Parisian chic. Quality, natural materials, stunning design and cute characters – this is the perfect recipe for knitted products of our brand. A kind unicorn with a charming smile will happily settle in the baby’s bed in the form of a blanket and a pillow. Products made of natural Merino wool are truly magical and help children fall asleep easier and protect a sound sleep until the morning. And be sure to rate our new product-a sweater with a unicorn, in which the child will be able to play and transform into a favorite character, while remaining always warm.

Company «Bazaarist»

The British company “Bazaarist” positions itself as a kind of Internet Bazaar. The range of shop strikes with a variety, but at the same time each goods – a find, after all founders of the company select the best gadgets to offer them to you. Just type in the search box the word “Unicorn” and you’ll find a beautiful mug in the form of a unicorn, a stuffed toy is a lamp, and Slippers with lights, powered from the USB port. It is simply impossible to choose one!


The unique trading platform crateandbarrel United hundreds of companies that create furniture and decor. In the section “kids” you will find a lot of textiles, interior decoration and amazing solutions for children’s creativity.  And, of course, children’s furniture, mostly soft, which makes it very attractive. Just imagine how happy your child will be to his own little sofa with a unicorn!


The company KIDLY has made a stylish design of its business card. Accessories for holidays, props for photography, toys, decor for the children’s room-all products can rightly be considered fashionable enough to want to see them in your interior. And, of course, without the popular unicorn anywhere. Goods from this British shop will help to arrange races on a fantastic horse or to make a pinata unicorn a nail of a children’s holiday.

If your child believes in fairy tales and magic, the unicorn will be his best friend. He is kind and sweet, causes a smile and bright feelings, and, of course, the presence of such a character in the child’s room will only benefit him. The interior will be transformed, the atmosphere will be a little more magical, and your baby will keep a touching faith in a fairy tale! Let childhood be carefree and filled with only happy moments, so that warm memories are preserved forever in the history of every loving family!

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