TOP brands with hero “BUNNY” for children’s

“My kitten,” ” my Bunny.”.. As soon as mothers don’t call their kids!

In these funny nicknames they put all the love and tenderness that they feel for their crumbs. Not surprising, because the word “Bunny” is associated with the majority of something cute, causing a smile. For this reason, manufacturers around the world are happy to use this character to create children’s products. Today we present you a selection of products for kids, where the main hero is “BUNNY”!


Lamps with a German accent from the brand @MrMariadesign just will not leave anyone indifferent! Stylish minimalistic design and soft light – a great recipe for a pleasant atmosphere in the nursery. Perhaps you will not find analogues.

светильники зайка


Danish brand @mailegworld offers a series of play dolls-rabbits. Huge selection of characters, amazing, you can create your hare family. In addition to the characters, the manufacturer offers clothes, furniture and accessories to make the gameplay even more interesting!

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Another great brand from Denmark @lisewood_design offers products in the best traditions of Scandinavian design. Natural materials, delicate shades and a favorite character in stylish textiles. In assortment of shop towels and dressing gowns, rugs, wooden rodents and still a set of various goods for kids are presented.

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Rare childhood without the plush toys, so we are delighted to offer Bunny brand @jellycat_official. Animals, invented in the capital of great Britain, are incredibly attractive. See for yourself!

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Sometimes there is only one person behind the brand. It’s great when this person is a mom who wants to have the most stylish nursery, as is the case with this profile @chloefleury. On the website of Chloe you can find wonderful paper figures of rabbits in the technique of papercraft and decorative wall wooden puzzles. Stylish, and tasteful-all as we love!



Alilo bunnies are amazing and functional toys that combine a night light and a media device. Can serve as a rattle, entertain the baby, sing him a song or record a voice.

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Bunny Mi

Bunny Mi can be called the most popular hare, invented in Russia. The eared baby itself is a game doll in several variations, from a baby to an adult character. But the image of Zaika Mi can be found in different children’s products and products for creativity. No wonder, dear Bunny, like her brother cat Basik, loved by many.

Фото https://www.зайка-ми-кот-басик.рф/ЗАЙКА-МИ/


Blanket BUNNY from @apero_knit is undoubtedly a hit. Bound from natural Merino wool, it has a unique laconic design and carries a unique French philosophy. The case where children’s accessories can be both beautiful, functional, eco-friendly and created with love.

Blanket BUNNY gray
Blanket BUNNY gray


What if a soft hare can be not only a plush toy, but also a wall decor? In the range of @lavka_ch store you can easily find different animals for children’s decoration, and of course, the rabbit will be special among them. Smiling character easily decorate the wall to please your baby.



The abundance of bunnies made of wood you will meet in the Studio @lumi_toys. Dolls, pyramids made of natural materials have a charming look and will decorate any children’s room. And what a space for the game give these charming products! In General, rate yourself!

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Shop @baby_kuler specializes in the sale of children’s water coolers. And in General, the main direction of the store – it’s children’s dishes, so the range can be found cute thermoses in the form of a Bunny. But we were particularly impressed by the novelty – bunny carpets, which will allow the baby to play comfortably on the floor, and mom – to complement the interior with a stylish accent.

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Non-standard approach allows to create unique solutions, that’s what the guys from @white_lambs did. They have developed unique prints and apply them to textiles. Choose a pillowcase with a Bunny or just a ready-made pillow with a big-eared friend, so that it brings joy to its little owner!



The guys at @smilewithfriends are engaged in the production of printed children’s decor-posters, metrics, interior stickers – and they definitely succeeded in this business. A series of images with hares has a special sincerity, these characters are worthy of becoming a wonderful decoration. By the way, the image can be applied to the pillow, and get even more stylish jewelry.



If we talk about toys, then you should definitely mention the family @sylvanianfamiliesrus. Famous sets with bunnies and other animals will give endless space for fun and imagination. As if living, characters will become best friends and partners on games.


Modern technology allows you to choose what you like. If it’s a Bunny-just use our selection and then your favorite character will settle in your home.

The main thing is to do everything with love and warmth, and then even the most insignificant thing will bring joy and positive emotions!

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