Cotton or wool? A summer blanket for the newborn.

How to choose an ideal composition of a summer blanket for the newborn?

Summer isn’t stable, but as at any time of the year, it is important for the newborn to keep a perfect temperature balance.

Moms who prefer ECO materials usually choose blanket for the newborn “Cotton or wool”.

Which material is suitable for the newborn in the summer?
Let’s find out together.


  • Lightweight — is an ideal option for a hot summer, but it isn’t fine for a colder season.
  • Practical — unpretentious in care, not afraid of washing.
  • Durable — the structure of cotton fibers is denser than wool, but that’s why cotton is more tough.

Merino wool

  • Universal — an option for any time of year: for summer choose a lighter and weightless plaid, and for winter – dense and warm.
  • Practical — has the property of hygroscopicity. Merino wool will warm you even in the high humidity. Products made of this material can absorb water up to 30% of their own weight.
  • Useful — in the merino wool there is lanolin, which nicely affects on the nervous system and helps to calm down and fall asleep.
  • Hypoallergenic — recommended since the first day of life.

Which composition would you choose blanket for the newborn?

With APERO every mother is able to choose merino wool or cotton. The championship for today belongs to merino wool, it is chosen for its properties and special softness. Blanket for the newborn is created not only to decorate the day of discharge, but also to be with you for many years. First, it will become a sleeping blanket, with which it is good at home and on a walk, and then turn into a soft play mat or even go with you to a family picnic.
If you want a truly royal statement, you have to choose ROYALS blanket. The idea of design was given by the Duchess Kate Middleton. Her son George was in the same blanket in the day of his discharge. This blanket can be made from both – cotton and merino wool.

Плед для новорожденного
ROYALS blanket, white

MARSEL blanket is created especially for those who love both cotton and wool. This model is ideal item for spring-winter discharge, wool warms and removes extra heat and moisture, and the cotton makes the blanket incredibly tender to the baby’s skin and increases the wear resistance of the wool.

Плед для новорожденного
MARSEL blanket, 80% merino wool |20% acrylic 100% cotton

POMPON blanket — blanket for style lovers. Only this model can be made with personal embroidery. This blanket completes day of discharge and stays as a memory about parents’ love. It also can be made of cotton and merino wool.

Плед с надписью для новорожденного
POMPON blanket, gray

The knitted blanket by APERO will always stays in your child’s memory, thanks to the cozy details, stylish design and love of parents who give a comfortable childhood.

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