Cotton blanket — summer novelty. Interesting facts about cotton.

cotton blanket

Cotton – the material that we have known since childhood, continues to being popular, just like hundreds of years ago.

Why did our mothers and grandmothers love cotton blanket? And why is cotton the world’s favorite eco-material?

Cotton is one of the oldest fibers that people began to produce. The birthplace of cotton is India. Ancient writings says that cotton fibers are used for Gods’ pillows, sleeping on which helps to find peace.
This is the simplest, cleanest and softest material! The main quality of cotton is its air permeability. Air circulation reduces all risks of overheating. Such a lightweight and breathable makes blanket perfect item for the summer.
In addition, cotton is very durable material. It can be washed thousands and thousands times, and over time it becomes only softer.

4 facts about cotton that you don’t know!

1. Cotton is incredibly hygroscopic. Its fibers can absorb water in 27 times more than its own weight. It means that the cotton blanket stays dry even at high humidity, keeping the baby warm.
2. Usually we think that the cotton fabric is always white, but in fact, cotton can be of three colors: white, brown and green!
3. High-quality cotton is that one that was collected by person not by mechanical combines. So it may be not damaged and saves the most useful natural properties. This is a guarantee that your baby will not have allergies and skin irritation.
4. Despite the fact that cotton is grown in dozens of countries, its cost rises every year. It happens because of the quality decline and increasing demand, which means that in the next 10 years cotton may turn into one of the most expensive fabric materials.

Cotton blanket is an ideal item for the comfort and safety of kids and the peace of their parents.

APERO presents to you its novelty – COTTON BLANKETS. Now you can order the most popular of them – POMPON, ROYALS and SWEETS – in the cotton version. Let your baby be comfortable in hot summer and in cold winter together with APERO!

Хлопковый плед/cotton blanket

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