Games with BUNNY

Practical tips for playing with APERO interactive blankets

We often mention that blanket with hero is a great way to play and develop baby’s skills. It’s not just an interior detail but a useful mom’s helper!

Dear moms, we created special cards with games to save your time. There are 4 ways to play with the blanket: motor skills developing, role games and even a fairy-tale!
No need to invent games and waste the time – just download this cheat sheet!

  1. Interactive blankets by APERO helps your child to discover the body parts and its names. Ask your baby to show the tail and the ears.

2. You can develop baby’s motor skills due the different textures and the voluminous details of APERO blanket. Ask the baby to stroke BUNNY’s ears, head, tail.

3. APERO heroes can teach good and show life situations in the games. Through the role games you share the importance of helping to mom, saying “Thank you” and respecting other kids.

4. Before going to sleep read with the baby and BUNNY fairy-tale about happiness:
Once upon a time there was Bunny living in an old beautiful town. And one day he decided to make a journey to find happiness. Bunny wanted to climb the top of the mountain because everybody was talking that happiness lived there. Days and nights Bunny was going ahead. He was overcoming one step after another. He couldn’t be stopped by the sun, nor the rain, nor the wind. After weeks of his journey Bunny met Little Squirrel.
– Why are you climbing the mountain? – Little Squirrel asked.
– There is my happiness.
– Why do you think so? – Little Squirrel wondered.
– Everybody says it! Happiness is on the top of the mountain. – Bunny answered.
– Well… I have to say you – there is no happiness. It is always with you.
– What a nonsense! You want to say that happiness is here – in the middle of mountain? No! I am trying to find it and you are bothering me with your conversation!
Bunny turned round and continued his journey. It became more difficult, Bunny was almost out of strength, and finally he reached the top! How happy Bunny was!

He began looking for happiness, looked under every stone, dug in the ground, looked around, but everything there was very lonely. Silence and emptiness. Only wind blew on this mountain making Bunny so cold. Is it happiness? Loneliness on the top of the mountain? Bunny thought it should be different. He sat near the edge and saw Little Squirrel basking in the sun.

“Poor Little Squirrel, he doesn’t know what real happiness is” – Bunny was thinking. And suddenly he incredibly strongly wanted to go down, lie on the soft grass and just bask in the sun. So he did.

When it was time to go home, Little Squirrel asked: “Now you understand that real happiness has always been with you?”. Bunny didn’t answer but his eyes were joyfully sparkling.


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