BEST apps for photo editing

How to make your pics as beautiful as famous bloggers’?

It’s not a secret that you can make a great pic using only a mobile phone and special apps. But which one to choose? Some of them are really hard to use or cost a lot. I decided to share with you the most useful and simple apps to edit photos!


I put this app on the first place as many others bloggers. The application is free, but most new filters need to be purchased.  BUT there are free filters without which none of our photos can be done. Top – S2 and M6.

  • Exposition
  • Contrast
  • S2



2. Snapseed

It’s a free app.

Really convenient function – “selective correction”. Just for the sake of this function, you need to download this application on your phone. You can locally edit the picture – remove the yellowness from objects, selectively brighten and discolor a particular area in the photo.

Click the plus sign, point your finger at the screen to the place in the picture, which in your opinion needs a certain correction, and you will immediately see how on the screen in the place indicated by you appeared a circle with the letter “b” (brightness). Scrolling the screen to the right/left, you’ll see that this area is becoming brighter or less bright.


  • Selective correction _ B (Brightness, a corner was dark, we lighted it)

Using a tool “Brush” you may become an artist for a minute! Change the exposure, temperature or saturation in the area you selected by using the index finger.


  • Brush _ Exposure + 0,7 (Shadow areas were cleared)



3. Lightroom СС

This app has almost everything!

It’s crucial for us to have one shades on all pics, so I can’t live without tool “Color”. This function can change shades and increase the saturation.

  • Color. The mint in the plaid led to our shade (Shade -18, Saturation +38, Brightness -4)
  • Color. We removed all the yellow shades so picture became clear.

Here’s what we got:

I would like to note that these settings isn’t a magic button for all photos. If you gain experience, you’ll can easily edit each photo and bring it to the ideal color.





Text: Anna Boldakova, co-founder APERO knit manufactory

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