3 ways to add a spring mood to a baby’s room

SPRING is the time of changes. If not now, then when?

Bright colors start appearing after long gray winter, and you already want to surround yourself with new fresh shades? Keep reading and you’ll find out how to make it in a easy way.

Take a look at your home, at the baby’s room – do they look in the spring mood? It’s time to get rid of all superfluous and unnecessary things. Be brave!

1. Make an accessory of paper bunnies with your baby and put it under his bed.

The kids have their own taste and habits from the very childhood. Give him these wonderful moments and in the future he’ll be grateful for this.
Details and templates for our master-class can be found on our Telegram channel.

2. The most springfull colors are pink, mint and flamingo shade.
Choose your favorite combination and don’t forget to add a soft blanket!

The soft blanket is a key for a renewal. It fills the room with colors and coziness.

3.  If wall painting is too radically, you may add spring colors by vases, pillows and bed cover.
Or maybe you decide to restore an old commode for the baby’s room?

Use spring colors – pink for the girl, blue for the boy or beige – to add to the room the light and to refresh the interior. The main thing – do not forget to clean and degrease a surface of the commode before painting!

If you finally decide to change the walls, you may use special wall stickers in the form of trees, flowers, spring birds. Or choose something abstract and arrange the stickers as you like!

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Long winter is able to tire even the most patient person. Spring pleases with a light and the bright shades. Do not be afraid of changes!

Let spring come into the house and into yourself – let there be more love and joy.
And the spring interior will help you!

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